Wow Acoustics Isolation Platform

The bane of turntables is, arguably, the presence of vibration. It’s straightforward really, less vibration equals better sound. And yet, the irony of the battle against vibration, is that the final output of a turntable is the sound that comes out of your speakers, and speakers produce sounds by vibrating!

Whether your speakers are large and stand on the floor near to your turntable, or if they are small and sit on the same table top as the turntable, one way or another, your speakers will send some degree of vibrations back to your turntable. This is why turntables should be isolated on its own platform that is designed specifically to absorb and eliminate vibrations.

Stasis Corporation, in conjunction with Wow Acoustics, is proud to present the Wow Acoustics Isolation Platform!


The Wow Acoustics Isolation Platform is built from heavy gauge acrylic slabs, which is an excellent material for absorbing vibrations.

Vibrapod Cone

We use Vibrapod® Cones from The Vibrapod® Company for the 4 feet. Proven technology, proven performance!


The Wow Acoustics Isolation Platform is capable of reducing vibrations by 5 times with a turntable operating on it (bookshelf speakers on the same table top).

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Also available in clear acrylic, comes in tough, ready to ship packaging.

Hear The Difference!

Featuring VIBRAPOD® CONE (U.S. Patented) – Double truncated vinyl cone, proven for effective isolation, 7/16″ chrome stationary ball.

Decouples the turntable from external vibration – Dampening and dissipating all vibrations.

Improves sound quality across the spectrum – Deeper bass, richer mid range and smoother highs.

Reduce acoustic feedback – Attain more accurate and realistic sound reproduction.

Note: Size of Wow Acoustics Isolation Platform: 41.5 cm x 32 cm x 4.5 cm. Max weight 25 kg.

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