Stasis Super-Vision (60x – 300x)

Clean your stylus and brush your record grooves? Can you even tell if you’re doing it right? Finally, see for yourself, what all the fuss is about! This battery powered mini-microscope is the perfect tool for inspection of stylus needles and vinyl grooves.

IMG_0643b IMG_0644b

Visually inspect the effectiveness of stylus brushes and your cleaning technique with this mini-microscope. Comes with batteries already installed, and user manual in the box.

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We Recommend This Microscope For:

Inspecting the stylus for wear or damage – Visually confirm the condition of your stylus tip, prevent damage to records.

Practice proper stylus cleaning – Check for cleaning residue on stylus or cantilever, prevent corrosion to metal or destruction of coating.

Visually inspect scratches on LPs – Check if a scratch will affect the sound reproduction. If a scratch disfigures the walls of the groove, it will spoil the sound.


This scratch looks serious, but on closer inspection, it does not change the shape of the grooves at all, it is only top surface damage.

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