Stasis Magic Clean Gel

The stylus is easily the hardest working part of your turntable. The typical LP carries half a mile of grooves, and your stylus is tracing through this entire distance, encountering dust and micro-debris each time you play a record.

On its journey, some of the dirt that the needle encounters will be compacted and pressed against the needle, forming a stubborn lump of gunk that a stylus brush cannot remove. For this, you need the Stasis Magic Clean Gel!



Keep Your Stylus In Pristine Condition!

Clean your stylus needle with ease – Gently touch the needle tip onto the gel surface to trap and remove dirt and debris.

Low tack formulation – Works a treat to grip and trap dust, dirt and lint, but will not exert stress on the cantilever.

Specially formulated polymer cleaning compound – Gel leaves no residue and is safe to use on all stylus needles.

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