Stasis Big Brother Record Weight

The platter on a turntable has to perform 2 important jobs during play back:

  1. It should maintaining a consistent spin speed.
  2. It should prevent unwanted vibrations from reaching the stylus.

Record weights are a critical component in helping the platter do its job, especially when used in conjunction with platter mats. The Stasis Big Brother Record Weight comes in at 425 grams (0.9 lbs), and brings all unruly records to heel!


20171121_130985b  20171121_130984b

Feel The Weight!

Maximizes benefits of platter mat – By improving intimate contact.

Increases vibration damping – Due to added mass (425 grams / 0.9 lbs).

Reduces or eliminates slippage – Especially on smooth or acrylic platters.

Makes some warped records playable again – By reducing warp and undulations.

Reduces inner-groove distortion – At the end of sides, the grooves get more condensed and the stylus produces more resonance while tracking. The record weight absorbs much of this resonance, improving stylus tracking at the inner grooves.

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