Custom Turntable Case

A turntable case that fits properly will act as a visual frame to bring your turntable into focus, and is essential to bringing out the beauty and proportions of your setup.


Above: Custom cover for the Mag-Lev  ML1. 52.5 cm x 40.3 cm x 20.5 cm. We were probably the first in the world to build a cover for the ML1, commissioned by one of the first owners in the world. What a marvelous machine!

Our Custom Turntable Cases are individually custom-sized and handmade for you, ensuring that we do justice to your turntable. All our custom covers are made from 5 mm thick acrylic, ensuring sturdiness, authority and many years of protection.


Above: Custom cover for House of Marley Stir It Up. 46.2 cm x 39.2 cm x 15.2 cm.

Stasis Custom Turntable Cases are made from advanced UV-proof acrylic, negating UV-rays by as much as 98%. UV exposure causes paint to fade and materials to breakdown and become brittle. Our cases, will protect your turntable from such environmental degradation.


Above: Custom cover for Analogue Works Turntable Two. 51.5 cm x 41.6 cm x 20.7 cm.

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